Lasting, positive results to increase health and wellbeing, and to treat the root cause of symptoms. 

Can you alleviate aches and pains with massage instead of painkillers? 
We believe there are scenarios where this can be a reality!

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Community Wellness

Clients who can participate in regular massage treatment see the most profound changes in their health, but for many people that is not a financial option.  Through our unique pricing and community programs, we are working to make the healing benefits of therapeutic massage accessible, affordable, and sustainable to all.

The Vermont Massage Clinic has created two Community Supported Massage programs; the Parkinson's Voucher program to provide relief to clients with Parkinson's disease, and the "Pay What You Can" program to assist those who qualify.  Click the link below for more information on those programs.

Our unique pricing structure

To optimize the benefits our clients will realize from regular massage, we offer a sliding scale; discounted pricing for those that visit on a more regular cadence.

We also support the two community programs listed above to assist with the expense of regular massage; one to provide relief to clients with Parkinson's, and one to assist those who qualify for our "pay what you can" benefit. 

Join the cause

Support your local community through the gift of wellness!  You can find more details about the different programs at the Community Supported Massage links above, or donate via the link below.


Vermont Massage Clinic is located within Woodhaven Health at 600 Blair Park Rd, Ste 260 Williston, VT.


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