Vermont Massage Clinic offers high-level professional massage and bodywork techniques, which help to bring patients of all ages and of varying degrees of physical or mental pain and disease back to health and wellness.

Note that 5% of all proceeds go back into the community towards next month's treatments.

Treatment styles


Our staff will apply the massage and bodywork that is right for you. Below are some of the techniques we offer.  Hover over the images below (or click on them) to get more information about each.

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Our unique pricing structure


To optimize the benefits our clients will realize from regular massage, we offer sliding scale pricing; discounted fees for those that visit on a more regular cadence.

Note that while the rates shown below are are hourly, many clients opt to do 90 min sessions, and we also offer shorter sessions, prorated at the same hourly rates.

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In Williston

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The membership guarantees your booking every month. We also believe that in order to best receive the benefits from the work that is provided on the table, we must reduce the financial burden. This membership allows that to be a possibility. 




$210/month - 4 x 60 minute massages

$120/month - 2 x 60 minute massages

Massages do not roll over into the following month.



We have two packages that benefit our clients & give back to the community.



This package gives those who would like to be involved as both a client and a donor the chance to do so in one package. Includes 6x60 minute massages to be used for you and your family. For every CSM sold, a massage will be donated into the voucher program.



$400, billed every 3 months



This package applies to local businesses who would like to offer a wellness incentive program to their employees. Options include 30 minute "lunch break" massages or 60 minute "happy hour" massages. For every BSM sold, a massage will be donated into the voucher program.



20x30 minute or 10x60 minute


10x30 minute or 5x60 minute


4x30 minute or 2x60 minute


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